Turmeric & Ginger Creamed Honey 350ml



The turmeric and ginger crea​med honey, can be added to lattes such as chai lattes or used to make your own turmeric honey lattes by just adding milk or milk alternatives, pure goodness. The creamed honey process is not about whipping the honey it is about the natural crystallisation process of honey that has not been processed or any nasty added sugars.

When this crystallisation occurs, the crystalised honey is added to raw honey and gently churned to blend the two, after about a week we have our creamed honey. The health benefits are the same, the consistency is creamier. Delicious

Birdsong & Bee is a very small family owned business, their honey is produced completely naturally by their wonderful bees, foraging on the Native trees, shrubs and flowers of Mount Tamborine.

Sometimes the honey is quite dark, other times it is a pale golden colour. It changes with the seasons. Yet all their Honey is bottled without removing any of the amazing health benefits of Natural Honey. The Honey from their bees comes direct to you, raw, unfiltered and definitely not blended with any other honeys or syrups.

Birdsong & Bee are committed to bringing to you the most flavourful and healthful honey possible. They do this by simply leaving it alone. Nature has designed the perfect sweetener, healer and therapy.

​They don't take anything away from it. When honey is blended, heated and filtered, it loses more than just flavour, it loses a lot of the health benefits of this unique whole food. Many of the honey brands that are available in supermarkets and stores have been processed, removing many of the essences that make honey so special.

Size: 350ml Glass Jar with metal lid

Ingredients: Pure honey, turmeric, ginger

Australian made and owned.

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