Tibetan Mokchhya (Nirvana) Incense



This incense is a special blend of himalayan aromatic plants used by buddhist practitioners for centuries to arouse enlightened qualities. The ingredients used in this incense, ghanten khampa, ihasanga shukpa, pangpoe balu, clove & cinnamon are traditionally offered on mountain tops to invoke peace and awareness for all beings.

It's incredible eco-friendly packaging is made from recycled paper and Lokta paper - this ancient process of paper making is described below.

Pack contains 30 sticks and 1 small incense holder.

Each stick has a burn time of approximately 1 hour.

Hand rolled in Nepal using 100% natural ingredients

Packaging: the packaging of this product is extremely beautiful and unique, it is presented in a sturdy tube that is closed at one end with a twist of handmade paper made from both recycled paper and Lokta bark. Lokta is a small woody bush which grows at over 6000 feet in the Himalayas, and has been used in Nepal to make paper (similar to parchment) over the last 2000 years or so. This type of paper making is an ancient art that has survived until today passed on from generation to generation of talented artisans in Nepal. Lokta paper is a renewable resource and provides a valuable source of income to paper making families and village communities.

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