Tengkawang Face Bar - 90g



This beautiful face bar also doubles as a shampoo bar.  These bars are not harsh like other soaps and give a perfect cleanse.  They are super creamy and moisturising. 

The hero ingredient is Tengkawang butter. This endangered tree from Borneo, will only produce yield if it’s protected by natural rainforest.

The Tengkawang ingredient used in this product is a new project by International Animal Rescue Indonesia and endorsed by Palm Oil Investigations. The Tengkawang butter used in this luxury soap has been hand gathered and processed with the help of IAR. 

By using this decadent soap your are allowing rainforests to grow and helping to keep palm plantations out.  IAR Indonesia are aiming to educate the locals by showing there is value and demand for Tengkawang, and the importance of protecting the forest in the area. 

Ingredients: Saponified oils (olive, sunflower, tengkawang, *shea butter, apricot kernel, avocado), Australian kaolin and pink clay.

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