Smoked Habanero Relish



Dirty Doug's Smoked Habanero Relish is a set up from their original Smoked Jalapeno Relish. They have created this for customers who want the smokey relish flavour just with more heat. This relish has punch whilst at the same time having a smooth intense warmth. 

Perfect on burgers, or with BBQ Steak, Sausages, add on top of pasta dish, tacos or use as sandwich spread. 

No Preservatives - No Additives - No Thickeners - Vegan Friendly 

(May contains traces of nuts or seeds)

300g Glass Jar with metal lid

Ingredients: Tomato, Onion, Bullhorn Peppers, Habanero Chilli, Sugar, Vinegar, Salt, Mustard, Spices

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