Salad Greens Seed Growing Kit



Starter Garden: Seed Growing Kit

The one with the Salad Greens

4 varieties of salad green seeds
8 degradable pots & growing mix
full instructions & seed growing notes
plastic free
Grow your own salad bowl and say goodbye to finding old lettuce in the bottom of the fridge!

Kale, Lettuce, Beetroot, Silverbeet

Growing seeds is easy with this degradable seed starter pots and growing mix. Just add water to hydrate the growing mix pellets, add your seeds (seed growing notes included) and wait for your flowers to bloom.

Full growing instructions are included (printed on recycled paper). We also include our tips and tricks for successful seedling growing.

The pots are degradable and once your seedlings are established you can plant the entire pot and seedling into your garden or bigger pot. The pot will degrade away leaving only the plant behind.

All our seed types are easy to grow varieties and are suitable to be grown in containers or pots as well as gardens.

Made in Brisbane, Queensland.

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