Hazelnut Cacao Spread - Organic - Activated 220g



Totally Nuts Hazelnut Cacao Spread is everything you could possibly imagine from the perfect marriage between hazelnuts and chocolate! Made with only the best and purest ingredients, this is taking indulgence to a level where it does not need to compromise your health and food integrity. Since hazelnuts are a naturally oily nut, they provide the smooth texture and rich taste. Dates are blended to a smooth paste also, and provide all the sweetness you need. And then there’s the added creaminess from the coconut butter, and the raw cacao.

No added sugar - Naturally sweetened and super healthy.

Size: 220g Glass Jar with metal lid

Certified Organic

Organic Activated Hazelnuts
Himalayan crystal salt (used in the soaking/activating process)
Flaked coconut
Raw cacao powder
Coconut oil
Vanilla extract

Made in Queensland 

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