Coconut Lime Daiquiri Wax Melts - 65g



A refreshing cocktail fragrance to take the edge off after a long day!

Citrus lovers will ADORE this scent. This fragrance will be enjoyed by all genders with it's refreshing notes that will transport you to an island holiday. This cocktail of scents has an invigorating blend of citrusy lime, creamy coconut and a touch of vanilla.

Top notes: citrus, lime

Middle notes: coconut, musk

Base notes: vanilla, malt

 The details

You will receive a reusable glass jar with a cork lid filled with highly scented, hand-poured wax melts.

◆ Regular weight and burn time: Approximately 65g and 60 hours

◆ Made with high quality fragrance oils and 100% natural soy wax

◆ Our wax is vegan friendly and biodegradable

◆ Carefully packaged in 100% recyclable materials

Made in  Australia

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