Chilli Zucchini Relish



Chilli Zucchini Relish is the hottest of the Dirty Doug's Relish range.  In this relish they are using their fathers garden chilli variety, they call Jimmy's Pocket Rockets. As quoted by Jimmy himself he has been growing this particular strain of chilli for years ever since receiving seedlings from his sister. He said these chillies are HOT!! and good because they do not cause stomach cramps and upsets after eating large amounts. 

The Chilli Zucchini Relish has a freshness in taste initially then you get a blast of chilli heat still leaving your mouth fresh whilst it is tingling. Yet another relish in our range which sells out each market we go to. We love eating it with Southern Fried Chicken Schnitzel, Cheese, Burgers, Eggs, BBQ Steak  

No Preservatives - No Additives - No Thickeners  

Gluten Free - Vegan Friendly

300g Glass Jar with metal lid

Ingredients: Zucchini, Onion, Chilli, Sugar, Vinegar, Salt, Mustard, Spices.

(may contain traces of nuts and seeds)

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