Caramel Butter Cake Wax Melts - 65g



The smell of freshly baked caramel cake without the hassle!

A creamy and delicious scent that will fill your room with rich, buttery caramel goodness. This signature fragrance has a mouth-watering blend of lightly salted butter caramel, vanilla and tonka bean.

Top notes: butter

Middle notes: butter caramel, vanilla bean

Base notes: salt, tonka bean

 The details

You will receive a reusable glass jar with a cork lid filled with highly scented, hand-poured wax melts.

◆ Regular weight and burn time: Approximately 65g and 60 hours

◆ Made with high quality fragrance oils and 100% natural soy wax

◆ Our wax is vegan friendly and biodegradable

◆ Carefully packaged in 100% recyclable materials

Made in  Australia

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