Almond Coconut Butter - Organic - Activated 220g



Activated almond butter is given a little twist by the addition of home-made coconut butter. The coconut butter is made by simply blending flaked coconut together (highly recommended – and a much cheaper option than buying it ready-made!) resulting in an almost ridiculously thick and creamy spread, which is added to the almonds. Adding coconut butter as opposed to oil gives the nutty almond taste a slight coconutty creaminess, without that oily taste that you get form the more usual coconut oil. The coconut butter also gives extra fibre and of course all those fantastic fats that coconut is so famous for.

Use as a spread on just about anything (its also very good on apples and bananas), as a dip, or include in baking or smoothies. Or just eat with a spoon for an instant boost.

Size: 220g Glass Jar with metal lid

Certified Organic

Organic Activated Almonds
Flaked coconut
Himalayan crystal salt (used in the soaking/activating process)

Made in Queensland 

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