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Non Sponge
Orange Fringe Earrings
Orange Ornate Glass ball earrings
Orangutan with glass leaf Necklace
Owl Luggage tag
Parrot  Heat Bag 28 x 15cm
Peacock Glass Chain earrings
Pink Butterfly charm coil bracelet
Pink Glass Heart earrings
Polished Pyrite stone bracelet
Possum Heat Bag 28 x 15cm
Red & Amber glass beaded bracelet
Red Fringe disc Earrings
Red Fringe Loop Earrings
Red glass beaded bracelet
Red Glass Fan earrings
Red Glass Heart Necklace
Resin and Bail beaded bracelet
Reusable Cut Pineapple cover
Shell dangling earrings
Shell earring and necklace set

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